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A7Sii Steadyshot off or on while on gimbal?


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Hey guys,


I have the A7Sii and a Ronin-M gimbal which work really well together. One question I've never been able to definitively find the answer to is whether to have Steadyshot on or off while using a 3-axis gimbal. I'm not sure if the dueling stabilizer technology would compete or complement each other.


I've mostly been turning Steadyshot off while using the gimbal but last shoot I had some minor shake and I'm wondering if Steadyshot would eliminate it. (Using Warp Stabilizer in Premiere cleaned it up nicely but would be nice to get it perfect in-camera if possible.)


Is there a general rule of thumb with camera IS while on a gimbal? (I know it needs to be turned off while on a tripod.)


Thanks for any input!



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