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best program or suggestions to recover video from formatted sdxc card


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I had two projects saved on an OWC 12TB raid  (setup to duplicate and backup projects), drive crashed, all data lost.

Estimate by professional data recovery business to recover OWC drive $7000 (which I don't have).

Lost about two years of video and photography work.

My main concern is to deliver two projects to clients who have not received their videos of their family events.

I have been in business over 25 years as a one-man operation, smaller type events, etc.

Always delivered a project to my client. Based myself on integrity and honesty.


I have the original SDXC cards on which I recorded the event, which have since been formatted, and other projects recorded on.

Any suggestions on how to recover .mov files from the original formatted cards, or the OWC drive?

I have been reading reviews of various recovery programs, hard to figure out which one works the best.


Comments about what I could have / should have done don't really make a difference.

I'm looking for solutions.

Could use a little help with this one...


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