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  1. hello to everybody! this is a video from an abandoned hospital at Kavala city in Greece Its closed since 2010 and was build at 1920. enjoy some scenes of this creepy , dirty place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PhAHtJldZA
  2. hello to everybody! im new here and im new generaly with sony body and lenses.. before i buy sony a7iii i was checking lot of staff and always i see comments like how great focus have sony a7iii. So when i was have it in my hands with kit lens,28 70, i try some test ,mostly video, and i see breathing very very often. Now that im searching it i see people saying that sony lenses arent for video but for photos, if you want good video quality and not breathing at all go for zeiss, sigma and others... one person said that if i try all lens corrections off at settings,(i dont find it) and if i shoot from f8 and above , i'll have better results.. any other with this ''problem'? can someone help? this is my video and you'll notice breathing sometimes,specialy at the end ,when i shoot old man face from close up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzkTIRSERlI
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