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50mm FE and E ? difference?


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Hi all


Recently joined the A bandwagon and must admit, its great!!

It took me a year to make the switch being a Canon user for over 10yrs.


Im looking at buying a 50mm but noticed theres a 50mm FE (SEL50F18F) and 50mm E (SEL50F18B)


obviously one is for purpose built for A7 series (FE). is there much any difference in terms of using it? price is about 25% more between the 2.


Thanks for any advice



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You are asking about non-legacy lenses, so also try the Full Frame Alpha > Lenses

section to see what they have to say.


As to the REAL legacy A-mount 50/1.7 from the Maxxum film cameras, it's a very

good buy. It's a run of the mill 50, sharp but not legendary, but it has a very special

quality. It's actually a 50/1.4 disguised as a 50/1.7, or at least my own 3 copies are

like that ... so it's likely that all of the 1.7 [not later 1.8] have the same speed bonus.   


There is no trickery to accessing the f/1.4 stop ... other than removing the lens from

a Maxxum and mounting on an Alpha. The f/1.4 simply shows up as part of the

regular f/stop range. Thorough testing proved to me that it's real, exposure-wise.


I'm well aware of old legends, possibly actual fact, that in various brands of lenses

the 50/2.0 had been 50/1.7 production that failed at final inspection. Likewise about

failed 50/1.4 lenses that passed inspection as 50/1.7 or 50/1.8. This matters not. I'm

OK with the possibility that my f/1.4 lenses didn't pass inspection at f/1.4 but passed

at f/1.7. I don't photograph critical test targets in an inspection lab. I photograph real

stuff in dimly lit places :-) 


So, vintage-wise, I suggest the Maxxum 50/1.7. 

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