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  1. From my tests, the Tamron loses a significant amount of light compared to other f/2.8 zooms in it's category. You might find even better low-light autofocus and ISO performance using a newer lens, but then again the price point just can't be beat.
  2. IBIS, headphone jack, low-light autofocus, dual card slots, touchscreen, usb-c, MORE BUTTONS AND DIALS. It would be the perfect crop camera.
  3. Which would make sense why Sony would disable it for 100 mbps video. 100 megabits is 12.5 megabytes, which the 633x cards are not capable of. That's the bare minimum definition of UHS-I, which I guess Lexar is totally happy with; the bare minimum. In stark contrast, the budget Sandisk Ultra 40mb/s, which is a few generations old at this time, bottoms out at 17mb/s write speed on an a6000, also a generation old.
  4. Wouldn't it be great if the mount had a little dust iris right inside it that would close when the camera was powered off? You could change lenses in the field in the worst environments without particles hitting your sensor directly! Just wishful thinking, it's not practical; not really.
  5. Next is a light multiplying apparatus, making ISO irrelevant!
  6. From my personal experience, Lexar cards are rated much higher than they actually perform. They also tend to fail on me quite frequently, specifically the 633x model. Sandisk for life!
  7. Just don't throw out your regular eyecup. I find that I use it more often than the Hoodeye because it's smaller and less obtrusive in situations that aren't bright sunlight, but the Hoodeye is essential for outdoors.
  8. What you want is the Hoodeye eyecup, extra large for glasses. It's not exactly perfect as it covers a part of the top of the LCD, but it works very well.
  9. And not to mention it focuses closer, has OSS, and is like 1/3rd the price! It's honestly my favorite crop lens.
  10. If you are a videographer, absolutely yes. If you are a still photographer that shoots action and gets paid for your work, also absolutely yes. Other than that, probably not. I actually find the silent shutter to be limiting due to the fact that it takes approximately 1/20th of a second for the frame to be read from top to bottom, no matter what your shutter speed is. I don't find the ISO performance to be dramatically different, sharpness certainly isn't an issue, and though the EVF does feel a bit more responsive, it doesn't really improve the experience for me very much.
  11. The only time the flash won't fire is when you're using silent shutter. If that's off, your camera is defective.
  12. I'm so jealous. Me and my f/4 envy you. I really need to book some more jobs so I can afford the GM series lenses.
  13. You can buy into e-mount cameras, but coming from an SLT design, you're going to notice that autofocus in low light is much much slower, even with native lenses. Your current lenses would be adaptable, but you might have to buy an LA-EA2/LA-EA4 for the older ones (like the beercan) that have screw drive. What I would suggest is if you want to keep your current lineup of lenses and not spend too much money, get an a77ii, which is an SLT crop just like your current camera, but a little newer with a bit more oomph. If the rumors are correct and a-mount isn't dead, we could be looking at a new
  14. That's gorgeous. I would like to have this lens, but the cost is just too much. I already have the 55mm Zeiss, and the only thing I don't really like about it is the minimum focus distance is actually pretty long. Now, when Sony starts making some f/1.2 lenses that have a t stop rating of 1.2... I'll probably sell my first born to get a set of those. I can imagine eye AF with a native f/1.2 would be amazing.
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