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Hello, I am new the forum and have had my A7ii and 55/f1.8 for about six months. I live in Sierra Leone and these are some of the pics I have taken since I got then. I am happy with the camera and my photos but want to improve and get more out of this wonderful camera. Thanks


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Very nice shots. You have a very good link to the people. They all like you very much.

Nothing particular to improve, keep shooting! :)

Do you have a flickr account? I would like to follow your work.


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Great photos, not much to improve really!


A mere suggestion: since it seems that you like tight portraits, you should consider a longer lens than 55mm   ;)



Thanks for the feedback. I am not too sensitive and can take a kicking if anyone has one to offer.


I have but one lens so far the 55 f/1.8. I would really like to get the Batis 85 f/1.8. I have been told that I have the tendency to loom in at people.

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I love these pictures! Did you just walk up to them on the street and ask to take a picture?

Thanks for your comment.


I every case apart from the last picture I asked or the person knew that I was taking the picture. In the last picture of the little girl she shouted "snap me" when she saw the camera - it was at waist height and I just pointed it in her face and did as she said.


Some of the people are friends, some I know, only the old lady was a complete stranger, but she said if she was 20 years younger she would marry me - she is 101.

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