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Yes, would be nice to turn this off somehow - currently I see two pictures of tits and one of a vagina ... I know its "artful" ... its also not always appropriate.



I was able to use an ad-blocker to get rid of it, unfortunately that means I don't see any other pictures (which I liked). Whatever.

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Additionally, since the images in the row are constantly changing, bandwidth is being consumed and the forum member's "consumed" data is being increased (maybe going over the member's monthly allowance and thus adding charges to the forum member).


I now have to make sure to not leave my forum tab on the home page, but to rather always leave it on the page of a sub-forum to avoid the issues.


It's a pain — and it's visually annoying.

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Not only is the "Current Images" section of the home page really, really, annoying, but it also looks like crap. Screenshot follows...



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