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  1. Hi, Thankyou for the advice. As I said I am a novice with Sony coming from Canon. I shoot mainly birds so am in AF-C if I go to the DMF on the focus mode dial does this do away with AF-C ? I thought you could change the modes via a custom button rather than having to change the focus mode dial. Thankyou again, Russ.
  2. Hi, I am trying to setup DMF on a Sony A9 and as I understand it you should go to FOCUS MODE in the menu however that does not seem to be there, all I have on the first top icon in the menu under 5/14 Focus Area, Focus Settings and Focus Area Limit, if I select Focus Settings it takes me to a blank LCD screen, DMF is also not under the Fn button list. I am trying to set this up by the use of the AEL button that I also use for BBF. New to Sony from Canon so please laymens terms if you can advise. Thankyou, Russ.
  3. Well have to say how NOT very helpful on this site for new users, I have now found what I needed via another camera forum.
  4. Hi, just moved over to Sony (Sony A9) from Canon and have Godox flash units for Canon, as I understand it I can use these units in manual mode with an OCF cord, now I no someone will mention the Godox TX options available but I need a corded connection from camera to flash unit I can get the Vello cord from USA but at a stupid cost having to pay import duties and tax ( more than the cost of the cord) so need either an EU or UK supplier, there are other cords for sale on line but I don't no what to get or even if they work with Sony A9 to none branded flash units. Thanks for any guidance. Russ
  5. Hi, Firstly I no what buying grey markrt entails but have delt with Panamoz before for Canon gear. I want to buy a Sony A9 but they seem to be out of stock on Panamoz site for some time and HDEW do not now seem to deal with Sony equipment. Anyone no if there is a supply problem from Sony due to the virus problems or are Sony not making the A9 because they want you to buy the A9II at around £1000 more? Thankyou, Russ.
  6. WOW!!! thankyou for ALL the advice.
  7. Hope soon to move over to Sony from Canon at the moment I use CF cards along side SD cards in the 7D MK II but what would/do you use in your Sony A9? Obviously you need a big card to take what I assume would be a lot more images at 20 FPS RAW (if you hold the shutter down) I don't go over 64GB on a card as I would rather change that card for a new just in case anything larger has a problem and you loose everything (never had a card fail but you never no) I also take it that you would need the UH-II type card in one slot on the A9? Have to admit I do like the Lexar cards and see that some are s
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