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Greetings from Oakland, Calif., USA


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Hi, I'm Phil. I'm a 45 year Leica shooter who bought an NEX-5N in 2011 as an afterthought to take on a 3 week trip through Utah. I had my M and R Leicas and Hasselblads and threw the 5N into a bag. Didn't take up much room. No adapters, just the 18-55 kit lens.

All I can say is that I was very surprised at the images I got. I'd say about 90% of the best shots were taken with the 5N. I took it on a second trip in 2013 and used it mostly with a PC Nikkor alongside my 240 and Blad. Again, great images. 

I don't shoot a lot of pictures. I'm not a documentarian. When I see a picture I take it and move on. I may take an alternate framing but that's it. I'm not a spray and pray photographer. The friend I go with is a 4x5 shooter so I have lots of time to think about the shot.

I'm very happy with the look right out of the camera. I do almost no post processing.

I'm a big fan of  getting up into the air. We have a platform on the van and an 8 foot ladder. It does wonders for your photography.

I've been temped to upgrade but the 240 takes care of that.

I think I'll got out and take some photos.


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