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Ulstenvik, Norway


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Some from around Ulstenvik in Norway:

Sony A7RII
2. Handheld pano of several shots
3. and another
4. Around 11am and the sky was full of snow....
5. Yesterday evening
6.  Approaching the island yesterday...
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Some more from Norway with the A7RII

3.  On the way over on the boat, there was a public deck.  Knowing we were travelling back in the hour before dawn, I was looking forward to going back up on the deck but the ferry they used didn't have a public deck, so this was shot through the windows which were covered in dried salt water which has affected the sharpness
4. Shot through the front window of our coach, I have tried to eliminate the wire, but have found that it difficult to do so without it being obvious it's been done...
5.  Through the side window of the coach:
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