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  1. Yes. They work fine. Manual focus and aperture.
  2. You have to find out what lens mount the lens has to get an adapter for it. ? to E mount adapter. If it has a thread mount it is M42 to E. Other bayonet mounts are different, like Nikon, Canon, etc.
  3. isha1


    Sony a7. Vivitar 17mm-28mm lens
  4. isha1


    In my search for remnants of the Ottoman empire, I found this young Turk selling Ottomans in Salzburg, Austria.
  5. Thanks, Jeff. I realized it should be in the landscape category after I posted it. It's amazing I can use all my old lenses on the Sony F7.
  6. I took a Sony A7 with one lens, a Vivitar 17-28mm f.4. to Switzerland. I tried out the panoramic setting. Pretty cool automatic stitching.
  7. Yes, it's safe and doesn't reach too far into the body. I followed the video advice and took out the pin to focus to infinity and it focuses even closer. I made a mark with red paint on the lens barrel where infinity focus is. So now I can control the hyperfocal distance marked for the f stops. I also tried the Russian 50mm Elmar copy. It's a small sharp collapsible portrait lens with a nice glow on the small Nex 3.
  8. I adapted a Industar 69 ($30 Ebay) to a Nex 3n. Really small carry around combo. Optics are pretty good.
  9. isha1

    3d pop portraits

    Lovely work with a beautiful model!
  10. Nex 3n. Vivitar Series I, 100mm-500mm f5.6 Cabo San. Lucas, BCS, Mexico.
  11. My eye was attracted to this candy in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico. Nex3n.Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm 1st version. 1/160 sec. Wide open at f3.5. iso 12800. Jpeg out of the camera. No noise reduction.
  12. I guess I should have used the embed rather than the share URL from youtube. Still figuring it out...
  13. Nex 3n Vivitar Series 1 100mm-500mm lens Gila Woodpecker http://youtu.be/QrRfhuQPvaA?list=UUyN8_2oSirk0IhSqzk_KBrg Mourning Doves http://youtu.be/DoVQKwb0WQE?list=UUyN8_2oSirk0IhSqzk_KBrg
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