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  1. Singingsnapper

    A Cambridge Sunset.jpg

    © Copyright Paul Potts

  2. Singingsnapper

    Green Street Cambridge.jpg

    © Copyright Paul Potts

  3. Singingsnapper

    BW Green Street Cambridge.jpg

    © Copyright Paul Potts

  4. Singingsnapper

    Cambridge Punters.jpg

    © Copyright Paul Potts

  5. © Copyright Paul Potts

  6. Singingsnapper

    Day and Night in Cambridge

  7. Singingsnapper

    Day and Night in Cambridge

    Spent a couple of days in Cambridge... Sony A7RIII FE 24 - 70 f/2.8 GM All handheld 1. f/8 1/10 ISO100 24mm A Cambridge Sunset by singingsnapper, on Flickr 2. f/8 1/5 ISO 800 31mm BW Green Street Cambridge by singingsnapper, on Flickr 3. f/13 1/200 ISO 200 68mm Cambridge Punters by singingsnapper, on Flickr
  8. Singingsnapper

    Grasmere, UK

    Did a 13 mile walk today, just took the A7RIII Fe 24 - 70 GM and the Sigma 85 (which didn't leave my bag) a tripod and filters. Lee Landscape Pliariser, 0.6 GND 2 seconds f/18 24mm ISO 50 Silver Efex BW Sunny Grasmere by singingsnapper, on Flickr
  9. Singingsnapper

    Sunset at Derwentwater

    Different evening, different lake... A7R3 FE 24 - 70GM f/9 1/15 ISO 250, Handheld Derwentwater evening by singingsnapper, on Flickr
  10. Singingsnapper

    Sunset at Blea Tarn

    For a while I thought that the cloud was going to roll in and block the Pikes and the light... Sony A7RIII FE 24 - 70 GM f/2.8 at 28mm f/11 1/13 ISO 400 Handheld...(my big Pentax was on the tripod on a 20 minute exposure Blea Tarn Sunset S by singingsnapper, on Flickr
  11. Singingsnapper

    Just after Sunset at Waterhead

    It was a mixed bag of weather last week and this in the Lake District. Much publicity was given to a heat wave but Northern England was quite a lot cloudier... Sony A7RIII Sigma for FE 85 f/1.4 Sunset colours Waterhead by singingsnapper, on Flickr
  12. Singingsnapper

    Ortona, Italy

    Instead of trolling, why not show us your expertise? Until you do, you have no credibility. You're just a person who can talk the talk but doesn't walk the walk. Until you do your opinions have no value to me at all.
  13. Singingsnapper

    Ortona, Italy

    ??? Like I care about what an opinionated non photographer thinks? Stroll on! You must be such a wonderful photographer to be able to state opinion as fact. Wait, you haven't held any of your images to scrutiny here. Not one. You have no credibility and are talking like a troll. Let's see you demonstrate your superior ability with your own images rather than rocking up giving your opinions as if they are museum level facts. Oh and you'll need a bigger dustpan to pick up those sweeping statements.
  14. Singingsnapper

    Ortona, Italy

    In YOUR opinion of course. Stop preaching.
  15. I spent the day in Pembrokeshire a few days ago... A7RIII FE 24 - 70 GM 1. Relaxing at the cathedral by singingsnapper, on Flickr 2. St David's Cathedral by singingsnapper, on Flickr 3. The Blue lagoon and Abereiddy Bay Evening above the blue lagoon by singingsnapper, on Flickr