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Sony A7Sii Video Glitches

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Had the camera about 6 years now and its been to many events and around the country a few times.

These glitches only happen when recording video. I've done the full factory reset to no avail, tested it in all the different formats and it happens in all of them. Bought a brand new SD card and that didn't change anything either. They all look similar to the video I shared. Screenshot for reference. Not sure what other details I can provide. Please help if you can! 

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1 - Is it always in the same location?

2 - Is it visible on playback when viewing through the EVF or rear screen?

3 - Have you ever seen it WHILE recording?

4 - Does it happens at regular intervals or is it only sporadic?

5 - Identical location or size shooting in both 4k and 1080?

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It’s never in the same location - some are small, some are big, in both 4K and 1080p

It is visible on playback on the camera, although instead of the “glitch” look, it just skips the frames involved in the glitch.

I’ve never seen it while recording. 

It is sporadic but often.

I’ve found that a brand new battery helps a bit but it starts up again not long after changing the battery. And that’s only if it’s been fully charged.

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