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Gary from Portland (aka: grsnovi)

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I used to "live" on DPReview but as that forum fades away I thought I'd renew my acquaintance with this place.

These days I have the a7R3 with the Sony 50/1.8 and 28-60 as well as the Tamron 28-200 which hasn't come off since I got it last year. I also have an SLT a65 with both the 50 and 100 A-mount macro lenses. I had the Sony 200-600 but I was never happy with the bird results I was getting with it (so I sold it to help finance the OM-1).

Last year I spent a lot of time learning about watch fixing. I mostly learned that I wasn't any good at it (but I enjoyed taking macro shots of watch parts).


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Hi Gary, I see you are migrating here from DPreview.  I will also give it a try.  I have submitted a request to change Display Name from "William Curtindale" to my current DPreview Display Name of "Willy79".  I hope this forum will be as much fun and useful as DPreview was.  I was a member on DPreview from as far back as 2003.

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Hi and welcome to everyone who is giving us a new try.

Of course DPreview was a kind of competition for us,  but at the same time a great ressource for tests and videos.

Would be great if we get as many DPreview members as possible to continue the conversation here…


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