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Sony Alpha Corrupted Video File Recovery

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Hello, my Sony A6500 turned off while filming due to battery failure. The movie file is there but wont play. I know it's missing the data file. I know it's most likely recoverable. Its the only file on the SD card. I know I need to film another clip to use that data for the corrupted file.

My question is, when I turn the camera back on, the message reads: "Writing to the memory card was not completed correctly. Recover data?" 'Enter' or 'Cancel'

Based on the research I have done, some say do Data Recovery, (which I have in the past and it never recovered the files, but they were not important so I just deleted)

and some say don't recover, hit 'Cancel' -that the data recovery does not work in camera and it could delete or corrupt the file further?

Has anyone experienced this issue and is its better to just press cancel and take the file and try to recover it? Or definitely do data recovery? It's an important clip for a client.


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