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Some questions about the A7IV


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Hey! I’m new to full format and “more professional” amateur photography (so far only with my phone and at a few occasions with my brother’s 80d and a6400) so I’m a full noob.

I just got a 7 IV a week ago and recognised some things that I would love to be clarified. Please don’t bash me, I don’t know anything about the camera yet, at least not a lot.



Are there different versions of the A7IV being sold? (Except for Kits with lenses)


It does make some noise when it’s on, but you only really hear it when you’re close or when it’s placed on a table for example. It’s probably normal, but is it?


The shutter does have a little mark on it, is it normal? It’s a very fragile part so I’m a little worried. Here a picture: https://imgur.com/a/D87cynI


When I use the screen on the back and want to switch back to the viewfinder I need to press the shutter release half way before. (When the screen is tilted and away from the body, not when its showing towards the user while being clipped into the body) It then makes a noise, a bit like when you switch between screen and viewfinder on a dslr (mirrored). I’m not talking about the focus motor noise, there’s another noise coming from the camera (https://imgur.com/a/aRxnhpV) Why? Maybe the in body image stabilisation ?


The pictures often don’t feel sharp. I know it’s a lot about the lens I’m using: it’s the very cheap 50mm 1.8 from Sony. Is the lens the reason? I also have the kit lens 28-70 3,5-5,6. Does someone have any example images so I can compare them to the quality of mine?


The sd card compartment’s lock moves a little when i grab the camera out of the pocket, it moves quite a bit in opening direction (video: https://imgur.com/a/iKFn77C) is that normal? Especially because of water and dust resistance.

Thanks a lot for your time!

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