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Need Help How To Hard Reset Sony A7ii with button

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First I was change main camera flex of Sony A7ii,  all of button functions is normal when I check using view finder to show all functions. But I don't change the Monitor Display Flex, and then I try to change setting in FINDER/MONITOR from auto to Monitor Only to check my display monitor, but no display at all. I was try to change control from HDMI out, but no at all. Because I was change the function of HDMI out for live streaming, not for camera remote or control. Before I change the Flex of Monitor display, maybe any solutions from this forum how to reset setting of Sony A7II by using button or any combination button without enter to menu setting. Thankyou.

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@XKAES, you sure have an unshakeable faith in User Manuals but unfortunately User Manual for A7II is quite useless.  I have the following guides/manuals for A7II in pdf format: sony-a7ii-manual, sony-a7ii-help-guide and ILCE7M2_guide_EN.  Out of these three only the last one has the information regarding factory reset through the Menu system, which is no good to the OP.  The OP is asking for a hard reset of the camera which is independent of the visual cues of resetting via the Menu.

@Rooney EmbOung, I did not see one for A7II but there was one on DPReview forum for doing a hard reset on NEX 6: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53354951

Hope this helps,

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Don't know how much different the book for the A7ii is from the A7rii, but here is what Gary Friedman's excellent book on the A7rii says about Setting Reset.

MENU>(Suitcase icon)>7>Setting Reset
What it Does: Resets some or all of the camera’s settings
Recommended Setting: If you’re going to use it, just use ‘Initialize'
When things go wrong; when you don’t know what variable you changed and you just want to reset everything back to factory defaults, this feature can be a lifesaver. Sony gives you two different choices:
Camera Settings Reset: Resets all settings in the <Camera icon> menus only. Fn customizations are untouched, as are the apps that you’ve downloaded.
Initialize: Resets everything EXCEPT for the Wi-Fi settings (memorization of hot spots and passwords, for example) and AF MicroAdjust values (Section 7.30). Your installed apps disappear too!

From The Complete Guide to Sony's A7rII by Gary L. Friedman

I know of no way to reset the camera without going through the Menu.

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19 hours ago, tadwil said:

@XKAES, you sure have an unshakeable faith in User Manuals

Hardly, but it's the first place to start -- especially since most people either don't have one or haven't bother to read it.

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1 hour ago, XKAES said:

most people either don't have one or haven't bother to read it.

I'm often amazed by the effort people put into asking a question in this forum and having to wait for hours for an answer, while a 3 minute Google search or manual dive could have provided it.

That being said, back on topic: I'm trying to make the best of your English so please excuse me if I'm suggesting things you already tried.

Have you tried connecting the camera to a TV via HDMI to see if you can display the menu there?

Have you tried a manual reset? https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/00018939

Try leaving out the battery for a day or two to drain the internal battery. This also forces a manual reset. Could be that this does not reset your viewfinder/monitor settings but at least it should force your menu cursor back to menu 1 page 1. From there you can make your way blindly to 'factory reset' if you know the A7ii menu layout.

Some other suggestions here: https://us.community.sony.com/s/question/0D50B00004ILC9YSAX/how-to-hard-reset-manually-a-sony-a7r?language=en_US

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