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Sony a7siii - camera saving some videos vertical - deactivate that

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Hi everyone,

My cameras (7siii and 7iv) both record some videos vertically and it's a pain in the *** to treat these files as it's completely distorted in premiere, proxy have a weird stretch as well etc. So I really would like to deactivate that. Is there any way ?

So far the only work around I could find is :

1) spot the vertical videos

2) convert them in Catalyst Browse with the orientation to 0 and not auto

3) that last conversation actually doesn't work, it's still vertical EXCEPT in preview (mac).

4) in preview, I rotate the video (now I can read it but i'm guessing it's because it's not 4:2:2 anymore?) by clicking on the top right corner button 4 TIMES so that it turns a whole 360 degrees, it saves the footage automatically, and now for some reason, yes it's actually finally flipped

5) I import and create proxies

Doesn't look like a very efficient work flow for me ... Anything better ? Can we deactivate this vertical option of the camera ?

Thanks a lot !

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