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Canon FD 35-70mm and Jupiter 21M (200mm)


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Recently, bought those two, clearly, very different vintage lenses. I did not have enough time yet to use thos a lot, just made few test photos.

First one, Canon 35-70mm  F4, zoom one, must say is having very strange rings, filter thread placements and movement. Not just unusual but more, it's somehow making problem when using filters, or when attaching hood (filter thread one), to the lens. I will have to make some hundreds of photos related, having in mind the reviews, telling the sharpness of the lens is great. Not the fastest lens, but, if the sharpness is good, it really has it's value. And seems, it has.

Jupiter 21M 200mm F4. Heavy one. I already have the Pentacon 200mm F4, which may be very, very similar optically. Of course, for this lens FL, Sony IBIS, even being properly set ate Steady shot menu, cannot make some great magic. Tripod is to be used. Okay, I made few photos, probably, I would need more light, bright day outside, the definition of colors is looking good (color contrast), sharpness looking good as well.

If someone would say that those are old lenses, not perfect, with many minuses, I would say that some of those lenses imperfections are making the images unique and less artificial-like. Some other also may say, those imperfections are providing specific lens-character and I would strongly agree.

Both of those are F4, means, not very fast, anyway, already having number of those "slow" lenses, technically not advanced but with very good image results.

I already put some Helios 44M images at gallery here and that lens is great example.


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