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Sony A7 II Glitchy Footage + Static Noises

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hey guys, i've recently just had a shoot, and i was running a A7 II on a Ronin-S. While filming, all the footage seemed to be ok from the live view. So after, me and my friend reviewed the footage via his new iPad (sd card reader dongle to usb c) - we saw two shots, and they all seemed to be ok so we transferred them to my portable samsung SSD.

Upon coming home i've gone to review all the clips and every single one of them are, glitchy with some clips having a static 'SHH' sound every now and then. I've uploaded a clip for an exmaple, really hoping someone can help me out here as we cant re-shoot this, im kind of stressing,


Is it possible that the transfer from ipad to my portable SSD, may have casued this issue?

Really appreciate any help from anyone, thank you

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