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Steve Wil

I'm getting a sonyA7iii and a Panasonic gh5s. I need only three lenses to work on both. what are my options

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I am about to get a Sony A7iii and a Panasonic GH5s.
I do wedding  video and photography, and intend to go into studio setups as well.

I want to get three lenses for both cameras. What lenses mount (brand) shoud I get.

Sony E mount lenses

Canon EF mount lenses

Or the panasonic mount lenses

The lens focal length is not an issue just the brand/mount

No matter the set up Id probably get adapters for either or one of the lenses.

I included the canon because they retain resale value after a long time

All suggestions are of value

Kindest regards



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    • By DJJosh
      Apologies if theres already another thread out there about this or along similar lines.
      I am wondering what lens may be best suited out the two.
      I have a small business as a DJ but I am an amatuer photographer, and like to take pictures and small videos at weddings to give back to the client. These arent services I charge for but still want to give a great looking product back.
      I am currently torn between the FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS & Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS. These are both within my budget...just.... but i dont want to limit myself. I already have a prime 50 lense but wanted something where i can use the same lense but zoom in and out depending where i am standing.
      Thanks for your help.
    • By D.R. Smith
      Hi.  I’m trying to find an affordable lens for my A7III that I can attach and walk around the neighborhood with. I live in a semi-rural area so I want something that will be good for landscape shots too.  Id prefer not to carry around a large lens on my walks. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very appreciative. 
    • By ItchieFinger
      Ok here goes,
      My kit isn’t great although I’m not a professional either.
      Camera - A7
      Lens - 55mm prime and 24-105mm G also the paper weight 28-70mm that ships with A7 bundle.
      The plan is to pick up a A7iii and a 100-400mm and add it to my pack. - I hate changing lens’s I’m a dust magnet.
      Not interested in video overly. Drone is pretty good with that I guess.
      Im heading away to the far reaches of North Western Australia and think that my current setup will be too short and not really keen on getting up close and personal.
      Questions I have are.
      1. What should I buy first A7iii or 100-400mm
      2. Should I ditch the A7 or leave it as redundancy/spare with the 55mm mounted semi permanently as it gives a great pic.
      3. Is my lens 24-105mm a waste on the older A7
      4. Is the A7iii my answer?
      5. What are the cons with what I have and will there be a noticeable difference with the A7iii?
      Look forward to your help
    • By Jobeyo
      I know this topic is out there in abundance but I wanted to put it in a forum where Sony products wouldn’t be bashed! 
      I saved my pennies and finally switched from a canon 80D, using an APS-C sensor, to a Sony A7iii in September. This was in an attempt to change my hobby into something that might make me some weekend money. 
      Annoyingly I could only afford to buy the Sony with the native 50mm 1.8. Unfortunately, the love affair of had with the nifty fifty from canon was sorely missed. Working as a part time family lifestyle photographer, I found it just lacked.... Something. 
      Anyway, I’ve once again been saving and want your opinions on diversifying the lenses at my disposal. I think I miss the focal length of my crop 50mm, so the highly praised Sony 85mm 1.8 the first lens in leaning towards but would you then chop the 50mm in for a little more towards say a Sigma art 35 1.4. 
      If you were after 2 general lifestyle primes to go with a 70-200 canon f4, what would they be? 
      Thanks for your thoughts and I’m pleased to be joking the community! 
    • By TonySferrazza
      Is there any ETA for shipments of the Sony FE 400 mm f/2.8 GM OSS (SEL400f28GM)?  Sony's website indicates that online retailers B&H, Crutchfield, Bedford, & Focus have "Preorder "availability, while Adorama denotes, "Backorder".  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    • Madafied, Are you certain the lack of sharpness is due to a focussing issue? Due to the high resolution, your A7RIV is quite a lot more demanding than your other cameras. There are some aspects that might cause unsharp photos that your other cameras are less picky about. You should adjust your habits to get the most out of the A7RIV's high-res sensor:  - Subject motion blur (use faster shutter speed)  - Camera motion blur (use faster shutter speed or tripod)  - Lens unsharpne
    • I bought a A7RIV a few months ago and I've gone out several times to go shoot. The first photo shoot (portraits) I had with it, the focus looked spot on in camera but wasn't in focus once I got it on the computer. I thought it might have been the lens I was renting so went out to shoot some landscape shots with one of my trusted lenses. The focus looked great in camera but off when I put it on the computer. I immediately took it back and exchanged the camera. I shot again with the newly exchange
    • Hi Gang, is there a guide somewhere to which of the older minolta lenses and sgma/tamron lenses as well, i need a long lens for birds mainly around 400mm or more and have seen loads of cheap long lenses on ebay, some are minolta some sigma etc, question is which will work ok with my A7ii dslr thanks
    • ENJOY ! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
    • I have never done any astrophotography. It is my understanding that with the a7Riiiii raw uncompressed, the only change that happens by selecting a picture profile are the gamma settings. https://youtu.be/9GGDkf4wMWg Therefore, which picture profile, if any, is best for astrophotography? Thanks very much for your help.
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