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Is it me or is Fstoppers really gone downhill?

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I know its all about clicks and the publishers are pushing the writers for more content. However, I would say 75% of what goes up is just useless. FStoppers use to have much higher quality articles (or maybe just fewer)...but now it seems they allow anyone who can type post content. "Why I love Sony", Why I love Canon".....really? The web feels like those "Val-Pak" coupons you get in the mail. You know the ones with the "free furnace Tune-Up" coupons. Mostly garbage. 

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Magazines can be forms of information but many are just sponsored content. Like a sponsor. They are not teaching about business or how to communicate with people in etc genre.. They just are after your retirement fund or whatever cash you have on you that your willing to spend also locking on to students and anybody who is an enthusiast

Your new to photography you might as well get lucky at a thrift-store. Photography companies are like any other producer. They have to keep making new products to make sales and need ways to broadcast their products.

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