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  1. Well that is nice to hear. My question is which "Firmware" did you have installed, and was the area temperature moderated. I just did the test again in the same room but the room is sorta warm without cool and hit up to 0.40:00 ( forty minutes ) before I realized my memory was full. I was also double recording material. Another problem I am having ( which I never encountered before ) is the A7RII shutting off around 22.30 ( twenty two minutes and thirty seconds ). I assume the new firmware ( 4.0 ) limits the recording time when using regular ( small ) batteries and shooting in MP4 mode.. Or it might be the MP4 mode????? I noticed using my external battery this has not occurred yet. However I have the view-finder on auto and ( just to be paranoid ) disable/enable the tweak and the High TEMP shut off off and on again. That is another problem entirely. I really wish SON would just allow us to 1. Have an option to switch off the temperature auto off and display the actual temp. JUST TURN ANY TEMP AUTO OFF. AND STAY OFF 2. Prevent camera from turning off itself for any reason. Because I could be shooting and the thing turns off ( I am not talking about battery dying but just shutting off without warning ).
  2. Don't be verbal abusive and say "I have to be smarter then the camera". I know my camera is not made for video but only because of software limitations imposed by Sony. The goal is to override these limitations without breaking the bank or dumping income on lying sponsors. Or even worst B&H/Adorama. Also I have an idea for external viewers but I need details???. Did you do it on firmware v 1.00 without open memory tweak? .... Also the external battery was a powerextra. Not a good brand but it did its job. I wish SONY made an battery grip VG-C2EM that could recharge eternally. Sadly I have to invest in a "case relay". I am trying to arm myself for a recording video jobs. So I work based on clients needs then upgrade and spend. Have to run more tests. Again we need to stop two things. 1. Camera from turning off randomly even if due to overheat. I prefer the camera to just to warn me with some words. I did not spent money for nothing. So far going great.
  3. Some of these adapters have firmware that can increase AF speeds among other goodies. Same with relic Sony e-mount lens. They have upgradability to the firmware ( may it be official or unofficial patches ). In fact I read on version of metabones can update but will no longer update. I really hate when they release multiple adapters with one being the flagship Also your firmware of camera might not match updates to your adapter firmware. Same with my lens and off camera systems. What metsbones work for you.
  4. Okay so one of the things I have been doing is setting up my camera to do recordings for shows so I can keep recording as long as possible. Originally I was using firmware 1.00 with the Openmemories tweak but I was only able to get over fifty minutes ( 0.50.00 ) before it turns off. It is impossible for anybody to know when. This is the specs I got TIME: 1:57 ( before it shuts off ) Battery: %61 ( might have been %51 ) left using power-extra via dummy battery Room Temperature: Might be a bit below body temperature. A little chil and not stuffy. No AC but floor AC was on in a room nearby. Lens: 70-400mm What do I learn from this? 1. My A7RIi needs a heatsink ( which somebody did create but no longer is for sale ). or 2. We need an Open memories tweak where we could just turn off the Temperature warning. In fact we need the actual temperature to be displayed because this is just silly. About High temperatures. I have taken my A7Rii out in the sun and I never had no operational problems. However the screen protector is slipping off the display and the rubber was coming off from the memory card chamber.
  5. That is a new problem I have to checkout my own recordings. How long was the recordings and have checked the quality of recordings between section an via windows OS. Also maybe your Windows program is not reporting the correct information?? I use VLC an Windows 10 Media player to preview my stuff. Loading into After Affects might show a difference in information???
  6. What you want to do is called spot focus. Which is where you can move the location of the focus point. or Use center focus and then move to the location of object you want to focus on and hold the lock focus button ( the big black button on your camera or the buttons located on your lens body ( if it has ). Sometimes the camera disables the camera lock-focus button. Another mode is focus tracking. Which tracks the moving object without you moving or locking the camera focus. However few lens support this feature. AF continues is not meant for video and will not give you that Canon ( mufti-focus affect* ). * Canon has a system where you could focus on two planes at the same time and give you a shot similar to focus infinity. JPEG mode only I believe.
  7. Lets get something straight. It can shoot true 4K...not fake 4K from a phone. Even RED cameras have bigger issues ( like cropping files to 4gig ) then the SONY series do. Another issue ( even if you could get 60fps ) is over heating. These cameras need heatsinks. Big video-cameras are big because they literally are giant heat-sinks to move the heat away from the camera. That spot where the display pulls out could be used to apply a heatsink. Then you could program 60FPS into it among other things.
  8. A7S = Video A7R = Photography A7 = best of both worlds. You need more cropping space go with the R series You need more video go with the S series You need a little bit of both then go with the A7 series. Like somebody said the A7RIII was made to address lack of USB3 support among other details. The A7RIV continues this trend with the added 61MP. My A7RII ( which I am happy to have ) is basically what A7RIII is without the USB3 and without the A7RIV 61MP It is so silly to keep up with MP rush when that was needed for things like "Cropping" 18MP ( 20MP ) is good enough for a magazine print ad. However when talking about going against the Medium frame cameras the added MP is actually a need. Right now 110MP is the max any electronic back for medium frame is available.
  9. I would rather have a pricing guide and stand your ground rules as with eyeseeyou2 sai. About term "professional is a money making term which means "I do this for income". Like a mover will have a price guide for instance, does not matter if they do a good job or not they are still making income from it. For weddings it literally costs $800 However some photographers go out of their way to charge $3000. That is to hire "extra help, and get over the top shots you see being marketed". Sometimes a fellow will get paid $2000 just to run around and take as many shots possible ( special or not ). I know people who do wedding photography with a cellphone camera. They kinda feel bad because their previous phone camera had a real aperture lens which made things exciting How would you go about pricing? and business talk? What about specific shots? Again it is more about what you offer and ability then what you do.
  10. As with VTC your camera must support the Play memories app for it to install. I have used mine so far over an hour with the regular battery ( until it dies ) and with the lame Chinarware power extra external up to 50 minutes before shutting off. It says I have over 14 hours of recording time ( but I need an external big battery to take advantage of it.
  11. you need to look for the play memories tweak ( unofficial app ). Just find it and install whatever you need from the website. There are two time-lapse programs I see. Again play memories ( official ) store has this to install. However there are many official apps. SONY has the phone remote so you can use your phone to snap pictures it has a small timelapse setting. The app will activate with the remote app feature in all A7RII. However some of these phone apps will not install on certain machines. My tablets will not install these programs. There is also shooting thethered ( just to be extreme ) Capture One, SONY official package. Lightroom also does this. NOTE: Capture One dominates your computer after installation preventing other apps from using this mode. Again this is for labtops for big displays. ............................................................................................................................. Again the first thing I mentioned. Just look for 30 minutes fix for SONY A7RII camera and you should find a bunch of apps. Again these are unofficial. Only other place is the store or phone apps ............................................................................................................................. If not you have to get a battery bay with an external controller. Also the A7R series comes with a remote controller that could sync with it ( I forget how that works ) both unofficial and official.
  12. A7RII Why? I wanted to take photography seriously so I had a choice between Nikon D5 / Cannon 5D MKIII ( I swore never to go to Cannon ) / and SONY A7RII. Out of all the reviews it seems that SONY A7RII even challenges the Medium Frame.. It was far better then the Cannon, less expensive then the Nikon and also featured low-light abilities. However looking back at the decision after seeing the Release support on the A99 series makes me think I should have purchased that instead. However I have hit this camera all over the place with no damage ( so far ). I have taken it out into rain ( not direct rain but still wet ) and into hot weather and it still functions. The support for play memories gives it more innovations outside the cameras official firmware. I love the feel and I love how it is purposely setup for my hands.Of all the crappy store cameras you see in any mall only the Nikon has the nearest feeling. The consumer line of A6000/A6500 is not my cup of tea and the lack of operations on most of these cameras are useless in comparison with the many options the A7RII. Again I still have to deal with setting up pre-made settings and dealing with manual flash speeds to get the most fastest flash. The official flash seems to be in Lo speed and makes me look bad in front of Nikon users. If I could get 1/2000 or even 1/8000 speed from portable strobes it would make the experience all the better. Again in ( Hi ) shutter mode and not ( Lo ).
  13. Well here is the thing. The SONY flagship cameras ( A99 series ) is really worth the wait as it will automatically out do the A7R lot. However yes I will agree the A7RII and it's 61MP has a nice ring to it. However what I really want is CSM ( Hi ) in silent mode without the lines problem. This is something that clients demand a lot. They think Quiet shooting mode is literally the same thing. However that would be my ultimate selling point for the A7RIV. My A7RII has the ability to use play memories with user created applications, rather then SONY only materials. That is one reason why I love my A7RII still. However yesterday in the sun the protective glass over the display shifted off, which only makes me happier because that means I could probably blow dryer replace the glass. Again A99 has more features but if the A7RIV can produce true CSM ( Hi ) in Quiet shooting mode
  14. What hurts is that I can still use SONY Memories on my A7RII and it was worth the wait for those who actually believed the A7Riii was worth the purchase. I feel great and it all worked out. That 61MP has a nice ring to it. to be honest and is the only real reason to purchase the darn thing. If the camera was some how small as the A7RII and had support for flash cables and radio wireless maybe I would bite down even more. However just to be honest. I am more interested in the next generation of the A99 series as the official flagship camera. My only other nit-pick is the usage of CSM ( Hi ) in quiet mode ............which would actually give me a real reason to jump on this thing. Many of my clients wan't the silent shooting but so far only Nikon has produce anything near silent shooting with CSM ( Hi ). I tip my hat to SONY
  15. You want me to give you a real theory. You have youtubers and writers stealing peoples ideas from various posts made by users. You type it and they make videos/books based off your posts. I think that is far more realistic then complaining about users asking questions hoping somebody would have a logical answer to. I mean what is wrong with a technician/engineer, professional/student, or officer/guard using forums to answer questions. I just say "thank gosh it is not facebook or twitter"
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