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Timelapse gone after a night session, SONY A7iii

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Hi guys. 

Was hoping someone here could tell me what went wrong last night. I live in northern Norway and we had a great northern lights show yesterday night. The last half an hour or so before I went to bed I just set it to shoot 5000 pictures. The battery life was at around 80% when it started. Now, in the morning, I went and fetched the camera and the battery was of course dead but there were absolutely no pictures from that last session. I was around for at least half an hour while it was capturing the most amazing northern lights shots. But it seems to have deleted it all.. Bummer. Does anyone know if SONY A7iii deletes all pictures if it is not able to complete a timelapse session? It sounds really strange to do something like that, but that´s the only solution I can come up with. Thank you! 


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I doubt that it deleted the pictures.

When it overflows one folder, it creates another one. If it was taking 5000 images, it's quite likely that it had to create another folder. Even more so if it was on, say, image 9500, when it started. If the folder contains an image 9999, then it almost certainly made a new folder.

Have you looked for a second folder on the memory card?

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I have done time lapses before on a variety of cameras and I always let it run for a minute or so to confirm its setup and runs as I like.

But I also tend to use a mains powered adapter or something with longer life to keep the camera operating over that time. Certainly the colder weather will take more of a demand on a battery than warmer weather, so that's another consideration as well.

I've not come across any time where it has not saved the pictures, so I would guess that there was a setting error on your camera and it did not start the process. The other option to consider is that your card was corrupted, and for that I would advise you check the card with undelete or unformat software before writing to the card again.

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