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Just bought Metabones EF-E Mark V, can't download firmware

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I just bought a Metabones EF-E adaptor Mark V, and a Sony A7 III body. Not delivered yet. I note that there is a very recent firmware update for the Metabones. Upon trying to download the Metabones app/firmware I find that I am unable to, because the Metabones web site is seemingly crippled and my downloads proceed at 3 KB/s (truly) until they of course time-out in a few minutes. I should mention that my Internet connection is fine and I can download movies, etc, at high speed.

My question is: has anyone been able to obtain the latest Metabones app/firmware (v 3.1, either Windows or Mac is fine)? If so, could you please share it with me via a cloud service?

Does the Metabones web site often stuff-up???

I am disgusted since I have paid $700 (in Australia) for the Metabones and apparently they cannot support it adequately. I have written to Metabones support but they have not replied.

I am so annoyed that I have since ordered a Sigma MC-11 on the basis that at least they support their product with firmware updates.

Your help with the Metabones firmware would be much appreciated. Regards, M.

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