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Please tell me there is a mic input volume option..


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I got an external mic for my Sony a6000. I really like it. It even has an aux port. I have been using the aux port to run an aux-out from my DJ gear into my a6000. This is perfect because I can record audio that goes perfectly with the movements of me on the controls to it. 

I want to bring this out to a local show and record my friends mixing at a venue. There is no way to lower the volume on their mixer because there are only two output volumes, and they have to be a certain level for the venue.

I really need to figure out a way to lower the Mic Input Volume in the menu of my a6000. I have searched the menus multiple times to no avail. Am I missing something? Is there any hope? I would surly think that there would be some sort of option for this kind of thing. It is a great camera.

Oh yeah, I want to note that the test mix I recorded was distorted. I am sure it ran hot from me having my volume output at 2 o clock. But if I turn it low, I can't hear it, which is why I wanted to just lower it on the camera. Thank you guys for reading, I am looking forward to hearing some responses and to being a part of the board.

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Isn’t this posted in the wrong forum ... I don’t think it qualifies as news or rumors!


Anyway, it depends on where your microphone is connected. If it is on the hot-shoe you are stuffed, if a jack connection, you are good to go.


“It is not possible to adjust the Audio Rec Level of the camera if a multi interface shoe compatible microphone is being used. The option to adjust the Audio Rec Level of the camera is available only when using the internal microphone or an external microphone is connected to the microphone jack of the camera.

When using an XLR Adaptor manufactured by Sony (for example the XLR-K1M, XLR-K2M) with a compatible camera, the volume is adjusted by turning the AUDIO LEVEL dial of the XLR adaptor to the desired level.”

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