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Found 4 results

  1. I am new to Sony cameras and have an A6500 plus an MC-11 adapter. Generally what is the best focus set up for this combination. Jason Lanier seems to be able to get face detect with the A6500, MC-11 and a Canon 85mm lens (I don't know if it is the f/1.2L or the f/1.8). I have a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens and would like to use it with the MC-11 on my A6500 especially for portraits.
  2. Hi all, I just moved from canon to Sony and my wide-angle lens Sigma 12-24 DG (not ART) is not recognized anymore from mc-11 (F - -) mounted on Sony A7iii. Could you please suggest me another wide lens with the same range at very cheap price? Or if you have any suggestions how is possible to made to work my Sigma
  3. I am soon to be a proud owner of a new to me A7ii, but I currently have no autofocus fullframe lenses for it. I have more lenses than I really should that can be adapted, but I'm trying to keep costs down, so I just want to get one adapter, but I am having a hard time deciding between the LA-EA4 and either MC-11 or one of the cheaper adapters. I have newer Canon mount lenses, and Minolta A-mount lenses. Other than a 2 year old, I don't typically take action pictures. I take most pictures of landscapes or zoos/aquariums or again the 2 year old. I'm semi leaning towards the MC-11 or fotodiox or similar, but I really want usable autofocus. LA-EA4 (already have LA-EA2) Faster focus, more reliable focus? 100-300 APO 50 2.8 macro (I love this lens on my A6000) 50 1.7 (Aperture is stuck open, need to try to operate on it) 28-105 Tamron 28-85 Kit 70-210 F4 (not sure I have a very good copy) 80-200 supersoft lens MC-11 No hump! newer lenses, no losing 1/2-1/3 of a stop of light Tamron 70-300 VC Canon 100 2.8 Macro Tokina 35 2.8 Macro (may not be able to focus) Canon 28-135 USM Canon 50 1.4 USM Could buy 35 F2 Yongnuo for cheap fast 35
  4. I am currently struggling if I should replace/ sell my loxia 35mm. This is a really good lens that I have enjoyed so much to use, especially when I am alone and that I could dig into enjoying the pure joy of photography. I have no complaints to the quality. The only problem here being, I purchased a 35mm lens mainly for walk-around and travel light, alongside with my 55mm. I currently also own a 16-35 F4. So I was thinking, if I should get the sigma lens + adapter cheap, should I replace it, with autofocus? Anyone has used it on 1st gen a7 and what was it like? e.g. focus speed, weight. I like doing videos with my friend when I am travelling, and I found that a MF lens is actually not as convenient during a journey. So I have 3 potential options: 1) Replace Loxia with Sigma 2) Keep Loxia and travel with 16-35 F4 + 55mm 3) Sell Loxia (you dont need a 35mm prime!) If I sell the loxia I would probably use the money for a batis 85mm or 70-200 F4. But indeed I am not much into portraits but instead I intend to use it for landscape when a telephoto lens is needed. (or sometimes sports) Any inputs would be appreciated!
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