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FE lenses on a6000?

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Yeah, the 70-200 f4 is a killer combo with the A6000. Rented both for a zoo trip. Presently owns an A7MII which would not work well for zoo with this lens as there is not enough reach. Could use the crop mode but it reduces the file resolution to around 5-8mb only. Both lens and camera is on my wish list.


Some shots taken below.








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Most people stare today mostly in their smartphones, or shop windows, hunting for SALE's, and they don't know, what interesting constructions are maybe above them especially at old historical buildings!


I am mentioning especially the final middle wedge-shaped "vault end-stone", at very old historical buildings!  This final stone carries and stabilizes mostly the entire vault construction, and are often in place, for hundreds of years!


I have shot this series of vault end-stones in various very old churches beginning from the 13. century, and like to show you a few of these very old interesting statically genius construction!


All images are shot with the A6000 and the Sony G FE 70-200mm OSS (APS-C 105-300mm) at 300mm!







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Dear friends, I am have doubts between two lenses: the 16-70mm f/4 Zeiss E mount and 24-70 f/4 FE mount for Sony a6000, I read that the center of this both lenses is very sharp, but in the corners they have poor sharpness, if I take a 24-70 on my a6000 could I get better corners ? I will be very happy to any link for test or samples for this combination. Thanks an advice.



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I'd go for the 16-70 just on the difference in angle, 24 is equivalent to 34mm on the A6000, which is not very wide.


I used to have took 24-70 FE and it was fine on the A7S. The reviews of both are mixed, but a friend has the 16-70 on A6000 and it looks good from their pictures.

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It's not a good idea, it basically defeats the purpose of a light weight, small camera. They add weight and size

I believe in using crop lens on crop sensors. They are designed specifically for each other.

I have Rokinon wide angles, 12mm, and 21mm on my a6000. They seem to spread out crop sensors nicely. 

To use the FF's to full advantage you have to buy an adapter that costs as much as some lens

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