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Focusing Bellows for Macro Photography

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Nobody knows the actual maker's name of most generic 

products. My own bellows are labeled as "Accura" and 

"Vivitar". I formerly used Hasselblad and Nikon bellows, 

and I seriously doubt that 'Blad and Nikon actually made 

those units. All of these can be used on Sonys, cuz they 

are the most adaptable type of cameras around. There's 

one brand that we actually know makes there own, and 

has been know for that for many decades: Novoflex. Do

check out their product line.  


A Nikon bellows is also a good bet. It uses Nikon mount

lenses, prolly the most common optics available. Expect 

to buy a lens or two for your bellows. It's pointless to use 

a bellows with regular camera lenses. You might choose 

to use M39 screw lenses, which includes many lenses 

made for enlargers. 

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There is a huge array of bellows lenses out there on Ebay, depending on the bayonet or adapter you are using.

If you buy a Minolta bellows, there are a small range of bellows lenses available reasonably priced, or you can buy

quality Rokkor wide angle lenses cheaply.

   The most important factor is a quality tripod and a remote trigger, alternatively you can use the inbuilt timed delay portrait trigger

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The most usefull of all bellows is the Minolta Compact Bellows. ( do a search on google) it is super compact and a joy to use.

If you are super serious about macro the consider the Minolta Bellows mk 1V AUTO BELLOWS 3, it has the ability to alter the focus planes

and bring the subject are more into the focal plane.

Good luck, it's a brave new world that macro stuff.

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    • You will see approximately NO difference when shooting stills - if you shoot lossy compressed RAW at full speed you might start to build a buffer backlog, and that will clear a little faster with CFeA cards like the Lexar Gold or Sony Tough. But it is marginal. You WILL see a difference if your shoot 1000+ images and download them with a fast reader to a local SSD - they will download much faster than even the fastest SDs. But that‚Äôs a marginal reason to get them (unless you are in the habit of shooting thousands of images - I do that more on the A1 for obvious reasons) The CFeA cards are pretty tough - I have some Sony and some Lexar, all 160GB - but I mainly got them for the A1 - I use them in the A7RV because I already have them. I don‚Äôt think you really need CFeA cards (buy them if you want, though). I‚Äôd be tempted to get a couple of 128GB or 256GB Sony Tough G SD cards instead. The G cards are worth it because they enable things like high frame rate 4k, and they download faster. Basically, I‚Äôd recommend fast UHS-2 SD cards (300 read / 299 write is good) over slower UHS-1 cards. Whatever you do, don‚Äôt buy 90MB/s cards! I like the Tough cards, but like you said the Lexar Gold are much cheaper in CFeA - I bought a couple to try them, and to encourage Sony to drop their price!
    • I have been shooting Sony for 5 years (A7r3,¬†¬†A73, A6400).¬†¬†Taking delivery of the A7r5 in a few weeks.¬†¬†I will NEVER (never say never!), shoot 8k and am primarily a still pro shooter.¬†¬† I plan to get 2, Lexar Professional 160GB CFexpress Type A Gold Series cards Up to 900MB/s.¬†¬†The Sony tough cards with the same spec are close to $200 more for a pair.¬†¬†IS THIS speed spec overkill considering I'm shooting primarily still, and occasional 4K videos?¬† Thanks in-advance for any replies.¬†
    • The Sigma 105mm macro lens DG DN Art is on Ver.02 2023.01.26. Though I haven't upgraded that lens, I have upgraded a couple of other recent Sigma lenses and it is quite simple using the Sony camera and detailed on the Sigma website. Do a quick Google search and you will find the information you seek. Link:¬†https://www.sigma-global.com/en/lenses/a020_105_28/?tab=support&local=firmware
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