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"I see you. I feel how you feel. I can see through that darkness that surrounds your soul, that makes you wonder if you matter at all. I can sense your heart screaming for help while your head explodes with thoughts of anger and sadness. Look at me, I am here. I will make everything better. Tomorrow, a new day arises, problems may not be here anymore, but I will always be around."


Found this dog at the local park, the owner let me take a shot of it. Really cool dog, very educated and playful. Loved the way he tilted his head when I took the shot.


Camera: Sony A350

Lens: Tokina 28-70mm



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    • By Gaudencio
      First shots in my favourite barber shop in town. Both a barber shop and a bar at the same time.








      Camera: Sony A350
      Lens: Tokina 28-70mm
    • By Gaudencio
      Sunny days to try out the new (used) camera. Shot in Jpeg, was only to test the camera and the lense. Didn't change anything, only played with the manual focus.
      Camera: Sony A350
      Lens: Tamron 28-200mm f3.8-5.6



      Any coments??    Will start to learn all the basics as soon as possible, these were just a try out 
    • By Gaudencio
      Hey everyone!!
      Just got myself my first DSLR yesterday!! A used Sony A350 with a grip for two batteries and two lenses, a Tokina 28-70mm f2.8-4.5 and a Tamron 28-200mm f3.8-5.6
      The seller even offered me a photography workshop entry in the deal. It cost me 190€ for the whole pack. What do you think? Was it actually a good deal?
      Super pumped to start exploring and experimenting!
      Have a great day everyone!
    • By steve of stonehenge
      Playing around with my new camera and the dog.  Developed with LR6 then Topaz Impression 2 (using Impasto 2 filter).
      A7R iii with 50mm Zeiss at 1/400 sec at f1.4 and ISO 100 using high speed sync flash on 1/8 strength.

    • By elenichatzo
      Thessaloniki, Greece