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New Sony A6000 purchase

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I just bought a new A6000 from best buy with 2 lenses, extra battery and charger, UV filter, 64 gig card and small sony bag. The price shipped was $864.00 after tax.


It will arrive about Sept 19th. I would like to know what I should do when it arrives. I think making sure it has full charge battery would be first but what comes next?


Also I saw a book on Amazon that was a crazy price of $990.00 but kindle versions are like $19.00. Is this good book on the Camera or are there others that should be considered??




I plan on doing lots of automotive photography of my 67 Camaro






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Nice car. I think next after charging battery is taking some time to play with the camera. Take auto mode and make shots. Try different modes and make more shots. You learn it by doing. No time? Leave auto mode, the camera can do it all for you.


For a shot like your example, buy a cheap tripod. Oh and read the downloadable PDF manual. All functions are explained. Sorry i don't know any good book for this camera series.


Kindly regards

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I am a newbie to Sony camera. Just bought A6000 yesterday, but already experiencing great frustration with the help manual (book and online). So I hope to get some help from this forum to ease the teething problems.


Wifi: To connect the network, I went to Menu > Wireless > Access Points and camera detected the networks. When asked to input the SSID into the input field, how do I do this as the LCD viewer is not touch screen?


PlayMobile Home: Was trying to use my smartphone to scan the minute minute QR code at the bottom of the camera for almost 5 minutes and couldn't get any focus :-(. Someone in the Forum advised to use NFC. So I turned on camera's NFC but still couldn't get the connection.


Pls help and thank you!

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Has your router no WPS Button? It is often identically to the WLAN on / off button. If not, go to the SSID field, press the button in the middle of the thumb wheel and the onscreen keyboard appears.


QR scan doesn't work here too, but you can do it manually.

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