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1,000mm and Minimizing the Shakes


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Thanks to another thread on this forum I purchased a Tamron 500mm mirror lens and a Fotodiox "Tamron Adaptall to FE adapter." These were all to hang on my α7R. Had an Acra-Swiss plate under my camera and a heavy duty ball head with Acra-Swiss clamp on an old and heavy Gitzo tripod. Initial results were OK, but the lens didn't have enough reach for shy birds.


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So, I added a Tamron 2× teleconverter.  Epic fail – turing the focus ring on the extended lens caused so much visible shake (particularly with focus magnification on) that I literally couldn't focus.


On to plan B – to support both the camera and the lens on a rail. Much better. An interim version is shown in the iPhone-6 photo. Am waiting on additional Acra-Swiss parts to make the rig more convenient.


Shy birds, I'm after you :-)


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