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Lens advice for autofocus video


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Hey guys,


I recently purchased the Sony A7S ii. I will be primarily using this camera for video and all of my lenses are Canon. I have purchased the metabones adapter and they all work fine with manual focus. I will be using these lenses for my professional video work.


As a side hobby I make youtube Vlog videos and would like a good all rounder Sony lens that I can make of the autofocus video function while doing very run and gun Vlogging type stuff.


I was looking at the Sony 16-70 lens as that focal range would be great for what I do but my question is does anybody know how fast this lens is with the autofocus video features? or would you have any other recommendations? Im not too fussed about how sharp it is as this is for amateurish work, my main concern is it being relatively quick for focusing 


Thanks heaps guys

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