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sony A7s II Human Eye Vs SONY .... Low Light test


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OK so it looks good but.....

I am, as well as being a photographer (Sony user, waiting for the A 6xxx!), a scientist.  So when I see a comparison like this one I automatically think is this serious?


The video http://www.youtube.c...h?v=HX8SgqblA4k gives no detail about how it was taken, which is a bad start. So one cannot really call it a "test".

For example the eye needs 30 minutes to adapt to darkness,


the Sony A7Sii can adapt or be adapted quite a lot quicker.


And what is ISO of the human vision, or is there really an ISO number which we can quote?

The following article gives some more information:


And quotes the following ISO. - Astrophotographers often estimate this as being near ISO 500-1000

And another article seems to be basically in agreement.



So the human eye seems to have an ISO of about 800, although estimates one can find on the web vary by up to 100 times.

If this is the case then any decent video camera should be able to outperform the night vision of the human eye.


So in conclusion, IMHO, this video was taken by simply filming with the A7Sii and then doing the same shots with about 5 stops less exposure. Certainly not very scientific. And the video could probably have been taken with a low cost video camera or just about any current DSLR or mirrorless. In this case, again IMHO, it does not in any way of form either show or prove that the Sony A7Sii is better than other products on the market. If I was Sony I would consider this a disservice!


Sorry for the long posting and if boji can prove me wrong I would be very happy! A great 2016 to all and thaks for all the info and comments on Sony Alpha Rumours (Sorry for the spelling, I am from the UK)!

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the shots where taken mostly iso 64.000- 160.000 only the last shot was 256.000


so the test for me its was based on what i can really see with my own eyes  and what the camera can see..

firstly i took some shot with the camera that was matching to what my eyes can see to have them like reference


then i took the same shots but with higher iso and after i finished this i drop down the exposure to match the reference shots i had...


i dont think its some nuclear physics its just what i can see with my eyes spending 2 hours in that place and how much can the camera iso give..

im not sony employee so i dont have anything to win or to prove the low light performance of the A7Sii i was just amazed by the results i got and i though to share its..


p.s. sorry for my very bad english im from greece :-)

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Super! Thanks.

So you were using nearly the maximum ISO on the A7S for this video. This is interesting information and obviously I need to retract my comment about the use of a low cost video camera.

One further question, how much did you have to stop down in order to take the video corresponding to how your eyes saw this? That way one could figure out the apparent ISO of your eyes that evening.

And I would like to thank you, this has been very interesting for me as it made me read the documents about the sensitivity of the human eye.

Maybe it would be a nice idea to add a note to your video with some more info.

I know you do not work for Sony, neither do I. But both of us have chosen Sony and it is always good to see Sony being shown to have advantages.

Your English is understandable so don't worry about it, just communicate! As an English person living in Switzerland and often using 3 - 4 languages on a day to day basis I appreciate people with knowledge of more than one language.

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the shots i took as a reference to my eyes they was with iso 1600 ( this is the lowest the a7sii can go in s-log3 ) and i had faster shutter speed i think around 100-200 and the aperture was the same t1.5

i cant say exactly how many stops down i had to go in post because as i said i was using my reference shots to much the brightness ..

as a canon and BMCC user i was a bit confused with the native iso cuz in canon is 100 bmcc 800 and sony 1600 so i think the iso in each company are kind of different ( im guessing ) 

the only thing i know for sure is that how much more from me can the camera see in the darkness of course there where more noise in the original footage but after the youtube compression its gone  :-)

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Bought The a7s mk2 because i felt lost with the bad iso performance on my bmpc4k. Now i feel lost again because im stuck With 8bit, digital grain, stupid picture profile 9, bad LCD, no Lens Electronics as i Own Canons only, silly apps that Cost extra like The timelapse app With only 30/24 fps no 25. Fullhd 100fps but with 2.2x crop. The 4k option lower The bitrate which is allready too low. Must admit i Would have thought twice buying this cam, if i just have had a little patience... The World of tech does evolve too slow i just wanna make good i images without too much hassle, like we Will do in 10 years...



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