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Zeiss Milvus 21/2.8 on a7RII

Chad Wadsworth

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Great review, thanks!


By the way, was at a Zeiss event yesterday, and had a hands-on with the Loxia 21 on the A7rii. Was rushing between meetings and had no memory card with me, so no samples, but it felt lovely and IQ on the screen was stunning.


The Zeiss rep said the lens designer for the Loxia 21 felt it was the best lens he'd ever designed, and apparently he was responsible for at least one of the Otus line. So if he's right it must be one heck of a lens.


Personally I will probably get the Batis 25 first as I need that focal length as more of a priority, but the Loxia 21 is on my list for later on...

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