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Help A6000 images transfer to other devices. I've given up.

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Can anyone save me from transfer torture?

I'm sorry to raise this as I'm sure it must have been asked many times. My A6000 is scrap as far as I'm concerned

unless I can transfer my files to mobile devices. No matter what I try the camera will not connect to a device and transfer.

I cannot get Play memories app onto my mobile.

I've tried other apps.

It used to work but now won't.

I've updated stuff that I can't remember any more.

I've given up as I cannot think of what else to try.




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Just because you can't make wireless transfer between your camera and mobile devices, you are going to scrap your camera?  Do you want to mail it to me, I'll pay the postage. 😁  I gave up trying to make my A7II and A6000 connect to the phone wirelessly.  Just use an OTG adapter and transfer files physically.

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