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Camera overheating while recording, and out of focus video files

Dom H

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I did a 2 days video shooting with the Sony a6000

I was recording AVCHD video files and it often happened that longer videos were making the camera overheating. That was really frustrating for everyone on set. 

The environment was hot because we had some lights... but not that much. Room temperature was about 23 celcius. 

Another problem occurred when transferring the files to my computer. I was shooting in Focus continuous and was making sure that the actor kept having the focus square on their faces while moving. I also had a preview monitor (HDTV) connected on the HDMI of the camera.  On the monitor and on the screen of the camera, focus was all good. Even the playback played on the TV had good quality. Then for some reason, when I watch the files directly in premiere (no conversion from AVCHD) it's like a depth of field suddenly appears. I don't think it's a conversion problems since the face of the actress is super sharp when close to the camera. 

I don't think there is a way to correct it... but I am wondering what is causing this and why the render is not the same from the HDMI ?




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