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Hey guys!

I did some filming in a nightclub the other day, for soem DJs. Reviewing the footage, I noticed these faint black lines in most of the clips. I presumed it was due to the different frequencies of the lights. However, the lines don't move up or down; they are just stationary. I'd expect flicker, or rolling lines - but these do neither. I have encountered this problem before, which I isolated to being to do with fresnel lights. At the time, I changed shutterspeed, FPS and even switched from PAL to NTS, but this didn't get rid of the lines fully. Can anyone explain this, or has anyone had the same issue before?

I was filming on a Sony A6300 with a 50mm lens, PAL on 100P 50M, ISO 800, a shutter at 1/200 and F1.8.




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