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Congratulations Tamron for the 70-180 !

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I did a quick test the new Tamron 70-180 F2.8 a few days ago and must confess I am impressed. The build quality seems quite good (even if it  does not reach the Sony or Sigma level), it is easy to use, light and compact compared to its peers, and above all the sharpness is really good (better than its 28-75 brother). I did compare this lens with my Sony 100-400 GM and my 135 GM mounted on the A7RIV at 135mm and F8 :  On short and medium 1791771143_2020Touteslesimages_DSC6295.jpg.c0781cc981dbf84aefce49a62324242a.jpgdistance, the Tamron proved to be almost as sharp as the 135 GM and a little sharper than the 100-400 which is quite a good zoom lens.

For portraits, I always use the 135 GM which is at top class lens : sharpness, AF speed and accuracy, blurring the background are outstanding. So, I was curious to see what could the Tamron give.  I took a serie of portraits of my granddaughter (1 year old) with the Tamron from 70 mm to 135 mm at F4 : the results were impressively good. The AF and eye focus worked well, the skin color rendition was very good and the background not at all busy. It does not reach the level of the 135 GM in all aspects but quite frankly it is not very far. 

So this quick test convinced me that even if this lens is limited to 180mm, has no AF/MF switch or Focus Hold button, it is a very serious alternative to the existing 70-200 zooms, and at a much better price !


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I recently moved from canon 5d mk4 to Sony a7r4. Partly to save on weight and bulk, but mainly for improved autofocus. Initially I went for the 70-200gm 2.8. But found it to be a very lens heavy combination saving me almost nothing on my canon admittedly with very nice results. Then decided to try the tamron 70-180, 

to my mind it matches the mirrorless ethos perfectly, small in size and light in weight, so much nicer to have on my shoulder for hours at a time. Yes it is missing the “bells and whistles” of the Sony, focus hold buttons, limiter , 20 mm at the long end. But when you consider the price, superb autofocus and to my eyes very nice picture quality particularly wide open, plus the fact it is a far more discreet lens to use. I think it is a real bargain and is rarely off my camera

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