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Barrow's Goldeneye

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all: a7rIII, 600mm f/4 GM using camo netting for a blind

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    • By Stucker
      I am starting to lean towards shooting wildlife and looking for a few answers and advice. I have the A7iii, looking to get the 200-600. To extend the range, can I shoot in crop mode? That would make it 320-960mm? Can I also use a 1.4 tele converter? And make it even longer?? Please advise-
    • By piovanil
      Here is a portrait of an Andean Condor (juvenile male), taken with a7R III, Sigma MC-11 and Sigma 150-600 Sport on the "camino de las altas cumbres", Cordoba province, Argentina

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    • By iLandPhotos
      Green Sea Turtle caught resting on a bed of seaweed on the North Shore of Oahu. Shot on a NEX-6 & FE28mm Lens.

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    • By WontonZ
      I'm new to this forum and I have a few questions I want to ask. I'm currently on the Canon 400D with the 55-250mm f4-5.6 IS STM. I'm thinking about switching to the Sony A6000 with the 16-50 and 55-210mm kit lens. My problem is: Would adapting my current 55-250 onto the A6000 body affect the auto-focus performence by a large margin? I'm on a really low budget (as you could probably tell from my current kit) and I can spend preferably under 100 or at most around 150 USD on the adaptor. Also, am I better off just getting the 55-210 sony lens and selling the Canon? around 700 USD is all I have for a complete kit so yeah... Would appreciate any advice.
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