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A7iii lagging, jumping picture PROBLEM

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I have a problem with my camera A7 iii, the picture when filming and moving the camera looks like it was jumping?

I do not know how to accurately describe this phenomenon, an example is in the link.

it is most visible on the text, it is blurred, it is not readable

Filmed in 4K, 25p, 1/50, camera stabilization enabled.
I'm starting to wonder if the camera is not damaged?


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I don't really see "jumping" in the clip that you've uploaded.  You're panning fairly quickly, which could account for the blur-- remember, you're only shooting at 1/50th of a second.  If you think about that in photography terms, you'd need to be holding your breath with a 50mm lens to have any chance of sharpness.  Then there's focus that can be off during shooting; making sure that you're editing in 24fps; and having to put up with YouTube's compression. If the image is sharp when on a tripod, the camera is doing fine.

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Hi All,

I shot an interview today on a73 with a sony 50mm prime lens with the camera on a tripod.  shot at 1080p 25p50m with set to continuous focus face tracking.

The subject is sitting at the table and talking, however at sometimes the images quickly grows and shrinks minutely.  as if someone flicked the zoom ring back and forth by an mm. ( just giving a rough idea of how minute the grow-shrink is) but its there.. 

what could be the reason..?  never happened before... only thing diff today was the memory card that is 32GB SDHC UHS-I memory card 90MB/S. instead of my regular SDXC II 260 MB/s

Thank you,


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