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  1. If you can, borrow your friend's a7SII and do a direct comparison. You can also swap lenses if you think that's the culprit (though I'd personally doubt it), and compare setups. If the problem is interlace, then its very dependent on what you're shooting-- the horizontal lines. Perhaps he has the same issue but hasn't identified it. You're also shooting with half the Mps with interlace. With the A7sii, 50i is 24Mps; whereas it can shoot 50Mps at 50p. But honestly, I don't think that should create flicker.
  2. I don't produce interlaced video so this is a little beyond my ken, but does the flicker appear when you watch on a TV monitor? Interlace flicker is a common problem and your editing software may have a "deflicker" mode, but I also wonder whether the flicker is a product of watching 50i on a "progressive" monitor, like a computer, versus a TV monitor which using an interlaced stream.
  3. I don't really see "jumping" in the clip that you've uploaded. You're panning fairly quickly, which could account for the blur-- remember, you're only shooting at 1/50th of a second. If you think about that in photography terms, you'd need to be holding your breath with a 50mm lens to have any chance of sharpness. Then there's focus that can be off during shooting; making sure that you're editing in 24fps; and having to put up with YouTube's compression. If the image is sharp when on a tripod, the camera is doing fine.
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