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(SR3) Finally some A99 successor rumor. Coming mid September and has 4K recording.

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SAR just posted a rumor about an in A99 successor coming mid September with 4K recording:

What do you think?

A source finally managed to gather some info about the next A-mount camera. He told me that:

– A99II was planed to be released along with the A7II back in November. But Sony decided to work on a more advanced version of the camera.
– The A99II is now scheduled to be announced in mid-September
– It has internal 4K recording and new sensor
– It will be launched along a new 24-105mm f/4.0 lens and a new Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 SSM.
– Still not sure if also the 135mm f/1.8 SSM will be announced among the A99II



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I think this is excellent news and will give us A mount users a bit more breathing space for sure.  Having invested in the A mount 4 years ago, heavily in the glass department, this means I can get another 5 years plus out of my investment for sure.  Happy days.  As for the specification the A99 is a beautiful camera so anything they can improve on is only going to be a bonus for sure.



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I must admit that I am so happy with my a99 (had it since it was released) and used it so extensively (I am probably in the 80,000 + frames) that I really don't see why I should change it ! Granted, I don't shoot video, or seldom do. I will probably get the replacement at some point in order to have my current one replace my a900 which serves as back up... 

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Finally some good A-mount news!

For the specs:

A better AF, like the new one in the A77II would be very nice. Focus-points all over the sensor is definitely needed, not just in the centre like the A99 does.

24Mpx is still enough but a bit more wouldn't be wrong. But the ISO is more important to me. So same Mpx with half the noise on ISO 3200 is preferred.

I wouldn't buy it, if the A99II just gets much more Mpx but no improvement in the ISO.


And I do hope they keep the GPS in the camera, although Wi-Fi would be nice as well but it is less important than the GPS.

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Excellent news. Owner of an Alpha 77, Alpha 99 and Alpha 7 II and "Minoltist Veteran", I tried after some spine problems to use only the last one. With joy, last week I could come back to the A99. The A 7 II is perhaps a tiny thing, light and efficient for landscapes, macroand family pictures. For action, animals and all sorts of moving subjects, I prefer the A99. Its AF, I think gives bettter results and I own a large number of lenses with some" for me" unbearable lenses I used during long years. I hope that the A99 successor will come soon.   

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I am so tired and pissed for any new e-mount rumor or another zeiss $$$ e-lens.


Sony A57 - no successor. The A58 isn't better and replaced A37. 3 years of waiting for nothing.

Sony A65 - almost forgotten? Released in 2011!

Sony A77 II - APS-C top level. Oh, A-Mount is alive. But still no entry or mid-level camera. And still too expensive.

24mm plastic prime lens missing. No problem. Take a look at ebay for old minolta.


Normal users can't or won't pay >1000€ for lens and cam. I can't recommend Sony for any friends of mine. Going to Sony A-Mount and not Nikon (Canon) was a big mistake and pain in the ass waiting and looking for every little life signs of affordable A-Mount future.


And now A99 II is coming... well, if I would have the money for full frame equipment I would surely not rely on Sony A-Mount policy and twitch to N610. Same costs for less trouble.


Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.

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My A99 has seen a lot of action in the past two years and i'm waiting to see what the A99ii will have to show. Like others, if it's only a heavyer sensor they add.... well i'll buy a cheaper old version and keep the older one as back-up. BUT... if they can manage to get a larger focussing zone, and a bit better focussing on lower light, wow, that would be a good argument to make me dig in my pockets... and why not improve on the ISO quality like the 7s does...  I hate having to move pictures from the laptop to external hard disk because of the volume of pics, i have 3 or 4 hard disk and hate the way my picks are spreadded around.  i dont really need a 50mg pic!!!


I see a lot of nice things on the A7 lineup, but with... I dont know, 15 or 16 alpha lens in stock, i dont really see the point on buying a smaller camera and having to buy a bulky adaptor in order to use the 16000$ invested in lens over the years.  So i doubt i'll ever buy the 7 line cameras... unless i strike it rich... but let's face it, i'm a photographer :P


My Sony alpha life started as follows : A230, A700, A580 and A99

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I am one of these people, who are seriously waiting for a99II. I own two a99 bodies with total 200 000 shots or so plus number of ZA and G lens. I'm also voting for the division of a99 into a99IIs and a99IIr models. Also, Im not interested about movie options. Like Martin, I'm not fancying heavy resolution, but faster action, much better ISO and better battery life. Processing heavy files pays toll. So, here's a list, what Sony has to fix to make me buy next two bodies:


1. Joystick becomes unresponsive during intensive shooting. For example to change AF zones fast -- impossible.

2. High ISO capability should be improved at least 1.5 stops

3. Battery life, bigger battery or integrated battery grip. My shoots are about 500-700 shots. I attached battery grip, when  I bought the camera and never took it off.

4. AF area is too cramped to the centre

5. Overall responsiveness should be improved, sometimes hesitates to release, being in focus.


In general, a99 is great companion, served me well with only one failure during heavy shooting.



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I am also waiting for the full specs on the A99 (mk2), as I, like most seasoned Sony users have accumulated a significant amount of investment in quality Sony glass that would be cumbersome on a A7R (mk2) body with adaptor.


But, if the only change is 4K video and a change in sensor, then I would not be interested.


My list would be:

1. Increase noise free ISO up to 12000

2. Increase the AF area to cover the entire image (or at least 80%)

3. WiFi remote control via the Sony app that controls all electronic functions that operate the camera

4. Removal of the Anti-aliasing filter (same as A7R)

5. Selectable sensor shift on still images. This would give the user the ability to take "snap shots" or for the serious pixel peeper a mega mega pixel image that "blows" the opposition away.


My 2 cents.

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