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Trade - 16-35mm for 24-70

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Just like the title says. I have a BRAND NEW 16-35 2.8

GM, just not what I wanted and don't want to go through

the hassle of returning it, getting a refund, etc.


Looking for a straight up trade for a 24-70 GM


" ............ not what I wanted and don't want to

go through the hassle of returning it, getting

a refund  ........... " 






Just HOW is it LESS hassle to: 


1. Advertise for a rather unlikely opportunity 

2. Discuss trade with possible interested party

3. Package, ship, and insure stuff in two directions 



@ the one-post noob: 


If you are honest, I still would not wanna deal with 

someone so irrational ... someone who's foolish on 

at least two counts: 


1. Insisting on doing things assbackwards 

2. Failing to realize that, structurally, his offer reeks

of scam, stolen goods, etc, upon a casual reading.   


Honest-but-naive OR criminal, either way, no one 

should take up this offer. A critique such as this is 

out of place ..... in the Swap-and-Sell section. But 

this not that section. This is a discussion forum and 

so I am discussing "Internet Literacy" and just plain

common sense. 


Am I being harsh ? Yes. Quite intentionally.




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