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A7CR, A7C II, 16-35mm GM II


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Surprised no one has started a thread on these yet.

Thought I would mention that pricing in Australia is a bit wacky right now: the A7CR is priced at almost $200 MORE than the A7RV!  Let’s see, that’s 9Mdot EVF vs 2.3Mdot; double the rear screen res; two card slots instead on one; full size HDMI vs micro; and the versatile tilt/flip rear screen vs flippy vlogger style; plus more (8k video, better IBIS, bigger buffer, better Wifi connection, etc). Yeah, obviously the A7RV should be cheaper! What?

If you were waiting to see the announcement before deciding, I’d run buy the A7RV right now (if you are in Australia). Plus you can collect it now - no wait for preorder, and it’s already supported in the editing software.

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