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Sony a200 camera error

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Hi I was recently given an alpha200 but it had no battery or charger. So I bought a battery and charger off ebay. When they arrived I put a cf card in the memory card slot but when I put the battery in there was a clicking noise that lasted for about 3 seconds coming from inside of the camera. When I turned it on the same noise happened again and it said set time and date for about one second on the lcd screen and then it said camera error. I turned it off and took off the lens. Took the battery out then put the battery back in but with the lens off. It made the same noise and I noticed it was the mirror flicking up and down. When I turned it on it did the same again. Mirror flicks up and down quickly for about 3 seconds. Does anyone havery any ideas what it is doing this. Any help is much appreciated




Thanks Colin





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