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Pentax smc-A 50mm f1.4


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Yesterday I went to a bike show in Ramsbottom, and thought I had taken my Sigma 24mm f2.8 Superwide II; when I got there I realised the Pentax 50mm was on the camera. No worries, just had to work round it. I really like this lens on both the A7rii and the A7s; it's probably my sharpest legacy lens, certainly imo  better than the Minolta MC Rokkor 50mm f1.7 (I do quite like the Rokkor though....)


Here's two pics I took with the Pentax yesterday, both at f11 as far as I remember



29319765303_aaaacfd478_b.jpgCrusiers by Jon, on Flickr





29861739801_a81f0c8aee_b.jpgVictory by Jon, on Flickr

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I use a K&F concept adapter. They are available on ebay. It's cheap but works very well on all my emount cameras; I have tried several adapters but this one works best. Some of the cheap ones have problems with infinity focus but all 3 K&F adapters I have work perfectly It also works well in IR, so must have decent interior coatings.


There are no AF adapters available for Pentax lenses unfortunately. I wish there were. The only option is the Techart Pro Leica M adapter with an M to K mount adapter. I am probably going to buy the Techart Pro adapter soon.

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