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PlayMemories Remote App on Samsung

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I really would like to put the remoted app on my Galaxy S4 smart-phone  (I already have PM's latest version on it), so that I can use it to control my Sony A7R2, but the only way it seems is to scan the QR code from the bottom of the camera!

This is the problem - in that the code is very small and, perhaps not as distinct as it should be - despite my camera only being a few months old. Consequently, all my attempts have failed - I guess as the magnification isnt big enough (or, at least, that's what I presume!).

Has anyone had this same trouble?  If so, would you mind sharing the resolution of the problem with me please.

Anyone who can suggest other rsolutions are also welcome to comment.

I must confess that I am very dis-heartened by PM, especially as it won't even work on my new Mac - apparently is too old and crude for the latest OS! (or am I alone in getting a tad P****d off with it!)

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To install Playmemories on your Galaxy S4, follow this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sony.playmemories.mobile


I didn't have to scan a QR code. I just used NFC. Make sure NFC is enabled on your smartphone, then touch the phone to the camera. To guide you on exactly where to touch, look for the NFC logo at the back of your smartphone, and look for the same logo on your camera. The logo looks like a stylized "N". 

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I've never tried the QR code. I can't get NFC to work on my S6/A7R2 combo. Wifi works just fine though.  To connect, try to send pictures to smartphone, then launch the app on your phone, connect to camera, click a bunch of times on it, enter the wifi password on your phone for the camera, and send the pictures over. 


You can also install the smart remote app on the camera, launch it,  and connect to the phone that way to control the camera with the phone. 


I've had no problems doing this with wifi, but like I said, the NFC doesn't work.  


It's a nifty feature for quick sharing of pictures without a computer, but not very useful for much else IMO. 

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With A7s camera, you can press the "trash" button to change validation method from QR code to classic password.


(Just for the info)


PS:  Now I see this post is dated february  :D  , three months, two app and firmware versions ago...

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