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Hi - Complete Newbie : )


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I'm Rachel, from the UK.

I've had my Sony A390 for a few years now - when I was in school I thought I was a good "photographer" <-- Kids will think anything!  :D


I would like to get back into taking photos though but this time i'd like to learn more about my particular camera, I find that a lot of webpages and 

magazines tend to focus on the likes on Nikon and Canon.


I've recently ordered "David Busch's Sony Alpha DSLR-A390/A290 guide to photography" in the hopes that this will help me get to grips with

what exactly my camera can do. 


Anyway enough rambling - HI! 



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To some extent, any information about a Nikon or Canon will translate to whatever camera you are using. Yes, the buttons and dials are in different places and the terminology might differ... but advice about getting recording the light is likely to be relevant to all.

Reading about taking pictures... Maybe it helps... But look at the galleries here for inspiration and head out (or in) to take whatever appeals.

Remember that new cameras open up exciting video opportunities too!

Have fun,


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