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Good Morning from Bangkok!


I - that is me, I'm from Germany and just started travelling Southeast Asia on my own for a year.

Alf is my new Boyfriend, Sony calls him Alpha 6000, I prefere Alf!


I just bought him a few days ago, before that I had an older Alpha Beginners Model, but that one was just to big for traveling, and I wanted something way faster.

I actually don't have a clue about photography, but thats something I want to change during that year of traveling, so I'm seeking help in Forums and from Books now.

(Also, if anyone is in Southeastasia and willing to teach me some things or just go around an take some pictures, pleaaaaase message me!)


Currently Im only using the Kit Lense, and it will probably stay that way for two reasons, one: I'm poor as f**** and second: I'm Travelling with only 30 liters of Luggage, so there is just no space. But before you tell me that is stupid...don't, I'm just learning this! I will save up and buy a few good lenses in a year or so, but until then, I will go with the kit lense, everybody has to start somewehre, rigth?


So, Im hanging on some Pictures here, and if anyone is willing to give me some Kritics about them, I would be so thankfull to you guys!



Anyway, enjoy your day, even if tis Monday!


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